Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pick a Word

Here is a game we will be learning this week!! The best part about it is that there are only a few materials needed!  (a bag, the word cards, dice, copies of the Pick a Word recording sheet, and something to write with!) You can get the word cards and recording sheet here. I have also provided a blank recording sheet and word cards in case you have different words that you are working on.


Mrs. Miner said...

Okay, Ms. Mentzer, I LOVE your blog. I love that I can immediately grab some free, practial, ready-to-use printables and that you have some informative posts, too! Keep up the great work! I appreciate SO MUCH that my button is on your page AND I am on your blogroll. Thanks so much. Good luck with starting your blog.
Mrs.Miner’s Monkey Business

Michelle Mentzer said...

Thanks! I originally started the blog just to share with parents but then after visiting blogs like yours I became inspired to try and share some things I do in my classroom with parents and teachers as well! I am learning (very slowly) about all of the things I can do, but it is a lot of fun!! :)

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