Monday, October 17, 2011

Writer's Workshop

Last week we began our Writer's Workshop. I LOVE Writer's Workshop! I love watching students go through thewriting  process and become writers! It is so neat to be there for the moment that it "clicks". One of the tools we use for Writer's Workshop is a worm (or snake depending on which kiddo you ask). This helps us to stretch out the words to help us hear all of the sounds in the word. The boys and girls are doing a great job stretching out words and writing the words on paper. Please remember when working with your child at home, it is not necessary that everything is spelled correctly (unless of course it is a Star Word), right now, I am just looking for students to write the sounds they hear in each word. Below you will see two examples from last week. We created Double Bubble maps and decided if we would rather be a farmer, zookeeper, or both. We then wrote about it.
 The students on the left (blue) would like to work on a farm. The students on the right (red) would like to work in the zoo. The students in the middle (purple) would like to do both.
                                                     I want to be a Zookeeper- Raley
 I would be a farmer. Madison


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