Sunday, December 4, 2011


In math we are talking about 2D and 3D shapes! Last week we had to figure out how to make bigger shapes out of smaller shapes (ex. make a hexagon using triangles, trapezoids,and or diamonds)
                          We have been listening to the 2D shapes song! Click here to listen!

We will be using the 3D shapes song this week. You can click here to listen to it at home!

We also made hexagon ornaments for the Christmas tree on our Kindergarten bulletin board that is in the Cafeteria! We spread out, put on some Christmas music and got started cutting out shapes that we could use to make hexagons.

Thanksgiving Activites!

Here are a few of the Thanksgiving activties we did!
                                                      Our "I am thankful for..." Turkeys

Pilrims! I got the template for the pilgrims from TpT. You can get your own copy here! They turned out really cute and the boys and girls had fun making them!

Write Around The Room... The boys and girls really enjoyed going on a hunt for Thanksgiving words that were hidden around the classroom. They had to find the words and then write them in the correct spot on their paper.

After making our headbands we watched some Native American dancing and did our own little Pow Wow- The funny thing was that we had just talked about rain dances and after our dance it of course started to rain. The boys and girls were convinced it was becuase of the dancing we did!

So I have found so many great ideas on Pinterest! I don't know how I was able to teach before using it!! There are so many great ideas on there like this one. The Thanksgiving Story bracelet. I hope your child was able to tell you the story of the first Thanksgiving by using his/her bracelet as a reminder!

Needless to say we had a blast doing these (and other) Thanksgiving projects. I am really excited for all of the Christmas projects that I have planned for the next two weeks!!!