Saturday, February 25, 2012

100th Day of School!!

We had a great time celebrating the 100th day of school!!! We did a variety of activities! We drew pictures of our friends that have been with us for 100 days (see below), estimated how far 100 steps would take us and then checked to see, estimated how many rolls it would take to get to 100 and then rolled dice to see the actual answer (see below), made a 100th day snack using the snacks that the boys and girls brought in, read 100th day books, shared our 100th day projects, made a picture of us at 100 years old and more!! Whew! What a tiring but fun day!! It had to be a special day because the 100th day of Kindergarten only comes once in a lifetime :)

Us At 100!! :) These turned out super cute!! You can purchase the 100th day unit that this came from here! 


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