Sunday, April 29, 2012

Literacy Station Labels

This year has been such an exciting adventure for me with the new Common Core Standards and our new Evaluation System!!! I am truly loving the the new Standards and I feel that the new Evaluation System has really kept me in check. I have been busy busy busy this year trying to find new ideas that go along with the common core standards. Our district wide curriculum is based on our old standards so it has been quite the task to fill in the missing pieces! I am so thankful for Pinterest and other Teacher Blogs who have lots of GREAT ideas!!! I am trying to come up with some of my own ideas as well (now that I can finally breathe after a busy year!) so be sure to check back often!  One thing I am currently working on are new labels for my Literacy Stations for next year. I have not completely switched over to the Daily 5 because I like how things went this year in my class and I am proud of my students progress! I was very pleased with my Reading Rotations and Guided Reading and am hoping these labels will help me next year! Click here to get your copy! I am thinking I will put these into a pocket chart or somehow placed in a vertical order with velcro on the back and a clothepin on the side for students to move as the station change. This is still a work in progress so I may be adding more stations soon! Let me know if you can think of anything I need to add!

Gg Day- Going To The Zoo!!!

Gg day is normally Games with Grandparents for me but since we had our Field Trip to the Zoo scheduled, we weren't able to have our Grandparents come in, but we were able to have a blast at the Zoo!! The boys and girls had such a good time and were really excited to find their animals that they are doing their research projects on! I cannot wait to see all of the projects and hear the presentations on Friday!!

More ABC Countdown

Bb day was Bubble Day and Favorite Book Day! We enjoyed sharing our favorite books and then writing about why they are our favorite books! (We gotta fit in that opinion writing where ever we can right!?)

Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me for Cc day (Career Day), Dd Day (Dancing Day) , Ee Day (Earth Day) Or Ff Day (Farm Day) but trust me when I say we had a GREAT time on all of those days!! It was so fun to see what the boys and girls want to be when they grow up (and to read about it in their words during writing). Dancing Day was fun!! We danced all day long especially during transistions and pretty much everytime we got up during the day! It was a lot of fun learning about the Earth and ways to take care of it. It is always funny because for about a week after we talk about it, the girls at recess always spend their time picking up trash :) I will post pictures later of the craft that we made. Farm day was fun because we got to read lots of farm books, play games and talk about different farm animals!! Needless to say we are staying busy and having fun!! :)

ABC Countdown!!

We are almost 8 days into our ABC Countdown!! (Tomorrow is Hh day) Here are a few pictures of all the fun we have been having! (minus a few days that I forgot my camera :(
A is for Aloha!! We spent the day at the "beach" and made our own fruit salad!! :)

B is for Bubbles!!

Our "How To Blow A Bubble Writings"

More Eric Carle!

With a little help from Pinterest and all of the amazing teacher blogs, my students were able to enjoy lots of fun Eric Carle activities!!
We sequenced The Very Busy Spider

This is us working hard to make our very own "Grouchy Ladybugs". I left their writings at school so I will have to upload them later!

We made our own "Very Hungry Caterpillars!"

Eric Carle!!

We have been learning all about Eric Carle and reading a lot of his books! The boys and girls have really enjoyed this author study! Along with reading his books we learned all about adjectives!!

We also used tissue paper just like Eric Carle to create insects!

We loved reading his books!!