Thursday, July 19, 2012

Back to school Sign in Freebie!

One of the things I have done since my first year teaching Kindergarten is have the students sign in every morning the first few weeks of school. This has been a great tool for me because on the very first day you will know who can write their name and who cannot. I usually do this for about a month (you could do it longer or shorter if you wanted to). I have created a new sign in sheet for this year and wanted to share it with you! There are two versions. One without lines and one with lines (you may have a few kids ready for lines). Each day has a different shape so that students are able to easily find the day of the week. For those kids who cannot write their name I usually place their name right in front of them to copy or I “dot” it for them to trace in the box. I also encourage those students who can already write their name to work on their last name. (This is of course after they have proven they can write it correctly- without the random capital letters) Click here to get your copy!! Star
sign in sheet 2
sign in sheet


Allie Magnuson said...

Thank you - what a great tool to use. I am always amazed to see who can and cannot write their names and the faster we get them to write their own names - better for us. Thanks again.

Jennifer @ Simply Kinder said...

Love it! Thank you! Pinned it! =)

Simply Kinder

Ms. Mentzer's Kindergarten Class said...

Thank you! I hope you find it useful!! :)

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