Saturday, August 25, 2012

Guided Reading Cards

Head on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store and check out my Guided Reading Cards! You will love having these during your small group time and they can also be used during your whole group time as well! What is included:

Guided Reading Cards-

Use these cards to help students practice reading from left to right! Green means go and red means stop!

These cards also help students use reading strategies! A great way to help students use pictures clues (Eagle Eyes) and get their mouths ready to say the first sound in a word (Fish Lips). These cards will make a great mini lesson and can also be used whole group as well!

I also use these for students to practice using their pointers to touch each word when reading.

There are three different levels included.

*Just letters to practice reading left to right

*Sentences with a green dot (start) and a red dot (stop)

*Sentences without dots for those students who know where to begin and end reading.

I hope you find them as useful as I do!!


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