Friday, September 28, 2012

Apples Apples Apples!!!

This week we talked about apples!!!! Wednesday was of course Johnny Appleseed's birthday so we spent the week learning all about apples!! This included learning about the apple life cycle, reading lots of apple books, tasting apples and making apple sauce!! 
We started the week off by tasting red, green, and yellow apples. We then used Deanna Jump's idea I found last year to make a pictorial graph to show which apple we liked the best! (Granny Smith was the overall favorite :)

On Wednesday we talked about Johnny Appleseed and made our Johnny Appleseed hats! 

The hats said "A pot on his head and the ground for his bed. Happy Birthday Johnny Appleseed!"

On Thursday we made our own applesauce and tasted various apple products so see which one we like the best!! We tasted; applesauce, apple pie and dried apples!
 The "Before"

 Adding a little sugar :) 

 The "After"

 We give it a "thumbs up!!"

On Friday we tasted Apple Cider and Apple Juice to decide which one we like better! We described the similarities and differences. If we didn't have a fire drill at this time we would have listed them on a chart as well :)

Here is another fun apple craft we did! We cut open an apple to see the STAR inside :) We then used the apple to make a stamp and included the fun poem!

Sorry for the side way pictures! I could not get them to change!! :(
I found this idea here :) I love Pinterest!!! :)

Thank you to all of my parents who sent in apples and/or apple products!!! I hope you all have a wonderful fall break!! :)


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