Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bag of Books Fun!

Do you send books home each week for your students to read at home? If not, I suggest you start! This is one of my favorite things that I have done since the beginning of my teaching career and I love it! The best part about it is that the students love it and their reading improves! It also gives parents books that are on their child's level (or close to it) to read at home! The beautiful thing is that they get new books every week! I send the bag of books home on Monday with their homework. Each student gets 4 books (after parent's sign a form saying they want me to send them home and that their child will be responsible to return them). Students return the books in the bag on Fridays! I include a Reading Log for parents (or students) to fill out and keep track of the books they read. On Friday I have students choose one book to read to me or my Educational Assistant and then they get to pick out 4 new books on their level. They always seem to really enjoy getting to choose their books! So there you have it! It is that simple! Just grab some leveled books (or level them yourself like I did) and have fun with it!

Caleb reading to me :)

Elizabeth reading to me :)

Alex picking out new books!

Kellen picking out new books!

Happy Reading!! :)


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