Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Common Core Aligned Teen Number Posters

Happy Tuesday!! 
We have been working really hard on composing and decomposing numbers into tens and ones and my students are doing awesome with this!! I am so thankful that the common core standards allow us to go into depth and help students understand numbers! The only problem is, is that unfortunately our curriculum is not exactly aligned to the Common Core Standards. Therefore, my Kindergarten Team and I find ourselves looking for, or creating materials to use. Well, here is my latest creation! These posters help students visualize place value and see the teen numbers as ten and (some) ones. Click here to go to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store to get your copy! The best part is they come in 4 different colors! pink, blue, green, or yellow! I hope these are as helpful to you as they are to me :)


Lindsay Young said...

I LOVE These posters! I saw them in your TPT store but I was wondering if you did these for all the numbers 1-20 or if you just did the teens. I would love to buy a whole set if you have them.

email me at lyoung1113@gmail.com or let me know if they are on your TPT store or elsewhere that I could get them

adrian said...


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