Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ABC Countdown to the End of the Year!!

It is crazy to think we started our ABC Countdown to the end of the year on Monday!!! For A day we always do Aloha day. Students dress for a luau, bring in fruit for a fruit salad and their beach towels!! This is probably my favorite day during our countdown. The kiddos always have a good time and are just as excited as me to be spending the next 26 days doing different activities!!
The boys and girls are saying "ALOHA!!!!" (love the hula girls in the back and the wide open expression in the middle :) 

For B day we did Bubble Day!! We blew bubbles with bubble gum, wrote an informative piece on "How to Blow a Bubble" (pictures coming soon), blew bubbles outside (pictures coming soon) and then did this fun bubble craft! I usually use paint and soap to create these but this includes using a different straw for each student and color (and lots of time). This year, I used actual bubbles and food coloring and they turned out great!! The boys and girls loved seeing the big bubbles show up on their papers and then pop them!

Today was C day and we had Career Day! We were so busy today that I forgot to take pictures! :( I will take some pictures of their writings and upload those soon. I had lots of different careers today including; football players, a rockstar, a drummer, a principal, a Zookeeper, A "Bug Scientist", lots of teachers and more!!!! It is pretty exciting to think that these students can be anything they want to be :)

This is what I sent home to my parents explaining the ABC Countdown and a list of the different activities!!

I am so excited for the rest of our ABC countdown including our Day at the Farm tomorrow for D Day!!!

On a side note, here is the Music City Miracle Choir singing the National Anthem Monday night at the Nashville Sounds baseball game!! They did great!! So proud!! :)

Myself and the other 3 co-directors including my fiance and  good friends Stacy and Aubrie are kneeling in front :) 


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