Tuesday, May 7, 2013

G,H, I, J, K and L Day Oh My!!

We have been super busy with our ABC Countdown the past 12 days! Yes this means that we "technically" only have 13 days left because our last day really isn't a day at all since all the parents do is come in with their child and pick up report cards. What better way to celebrate being halfway through our countdown than with  movie day tomorrow for the letter Mm! Here is a re-cap from the last few days! I want to apologize in advance because I have been terrible at taking pictures. I guess I am just having too much fun :)

G Day- Game Day!! We had a blast playing our games on Game Day. I was a big fan of the game Headbanz! I had never heard of this game before game day but am definitely going to buy it! What a great way to practice questioning and describing!!

H Day- Hula Hoops and Hiking
We had a great time hula hooping and going on our hike around the school! I love this picture of all of my kiddos enjoying nature :)

I Day- Icy Treats and Ink Pens. Students were allowed to use ink pens all day and then we had an icy treat at recess! 

J- Jungle Day
We learned about Jungle Animals and read If I Were a Jungle Animal and  then wrote an opinion piece about which jungle animal we would want to be. I love their responses!

 I would be a leopard because I can run fast. I like to grarrr. I love to hide in dots. It is fun. 
 I would be a giraffe because it is fun. I like to eat out of a tree. It is fun because they are cute. 
 I would be a lion because they are awesome. I would want to have sharp teeth. I can eat animals better. It would be awesome. 
 I would be a monkey because I love to swing on vines. I like monkeys because they are nice. I like bananas. I think it would be fun. 
I would be a monkey because I like bananas. They are fun. They are nice. It will be fun. 

Love their writing :) 

K- King for a Day and Kickball
Unfortunately we did not have nice enough weather to play kickball so we had to reschedule. Here a few of my Kings though!

L Day- Lunch Outside
Today was the perfect day to eat lunch outside!!

I can't wait to celebrate the rest of the year! It is going by too fast! Enjoy the rest of your week :)