Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pumpkins- a few weeks late :)

So, as usual I am behind in posting. Shocking, I know! Anyways, here are a few photos from some of the pumpkin fun we had!!

 The life cycle of a pumpkin :)

 We made a double bubble map comparing pumpkins and apples (blue circles). We then tasted pumpkin pie and apple pie and decided which one we liked better! As you can see, the majority liked the pumpkin pie better!
 We predicted what we would see, hear, smell and touch at the pumpkin patch! After we got back from the pumpkin patch we drew what we actually saw, heard, smelled and touched. It was fun to see if our predictions were right or wrong!

 Pumpkin Tree Map! Pumpkins are, have, can....