Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Real Treasure!!

If you use Treasures as your reading series you will love this site! One of the teachers at my school came across it and was kind enough to share so I thought I would share with you! This is great for both teachers and parents!! Just click on your grade level and enjoy!! Here is a look at the Kindergarten page!! I bet these books look familar :) There are also a ton of other website links as well!


vicky1970 said...

Hi there, very cute blog! I also used Dream Like Magic for my design...I just love them! I'm your newest follower! We don't use Treasures - we use HM. But I love finding resources and spreading the word. Come on over to my blog when you get a chance I'm having a Lucky 300 Giveaway you can enter. :o)
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