Monday, September 5, 2011

Our Classroom

Since today is Labor Day, I found it necessary to go up to school and of course, work!! Ha! While up there, I decided to move a few things around in our classroom to make them easier to access. Take a look! You will know if I like it better depending on if there is another post with pictures of it being re-arranged again :) Hopefully this works a little better than what I had before! I did not take pictures of everything that I moved but here are a few.... I will take more and add them later!
 View from the front door (I did not change where the tables were)
 View from the back door. I moved the black bookself and added magnetic letters to the back of it to make a literacy center. I also moved the overhead projector to make it accessible to student use.
 Our new, bigger math area! (That does not get in the way of the blocks and science center)
The art center is now over by the door where the housekeeping center was.


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