Friday, August 10, 2012


So I have obviously been M.I.A…. I mean look when my last post was! Please do not think that I have just been taking a break. (I wish!!:) I have been spending my days at school! (shocker right?!?) Of course when I am not at school I have been watching the Olympics but that counts as a pretty good excuse right??  I did get to go to a few conferences two weeks ago that my county pays for (which is amazing!!!!) I was so excited to listen to Dr. Jean and Debbie Diller!!! Here is a picture with my Kindergarten team (minus one) with Dr. Jean. (I am the 2nd on from the right) Isn’t she just the cutest thing??

dr. jean


I was so excited to see her and I got so many ideas! If you have never been to her page click here to go to it! Click on Free Activities to go to a HUGE amount of FREEEEEEE ideas and activities :) I recommend the July 2011 Parent Pak and the January 2011 High Five Page. I cannot wait to use ideas from both of these and share them with you!

Now on to Debbie Diller… I have been going back and forth and back again about what to use this year for my Literacy Stations. I have seen so many things on the Daily 5 but can honestly say that I do not know enough about it and do not feel comfortable enough to do it. After going to a few of Debbie Diller’s sessions I am breathing a sigh of relief and sticking to my guns and doing her Literacy Work Stations. I am very excited about them and cannot wait to share with you some pictures and ideas! Although I did stations last year, I feel that this year will be better now that I have been able to listen to her and get a better understanding of the way they are supposed to go :)

We have been testing our Kindergartners the past two days. We have one more day of testing (Monday) and then we can place them into our classrooms. I am SO excited to meet my new kiddos!!  I will be back soon with some freebies and pictures of my classroom.  I will be heading up there tomorrow to do some work and plan on posting again tomorrow night. Thank you for your patience!!

Go USA!!! :)


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