Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ready or Not, Here They Come... Finally :)

Well, the day is finally here!!  I get to meet my students tomorrow :) Well, some of them anyways. In my county we do a phase in, so tomorrow I will only have 7 students. Then on Monday I will have 7 more and on Tuesday I will have my final 5. I can honestly say I am super excited for this year! I have probably spent more time this year preparing than I have in the past. You would think it would get easier the longer you teach, but the reality is that you just keep getting new ideas and always want to change things! All of the hard work and long hours will hopefully pay off!! As I was walking out my classroom tonight (at 9:00!!?!?-again) I decided to snap a few pictures to post. My room is ready to go, except for a few files I want to go through and organize. I am pretty happy with my classroom setup. I guess the real test will be next week when all 19 students are in there!

My pinterest inspired crayon drawers! Crayons will go in the labled drawer so that kids are able to easily find the color crayon they need!

I LOVE my red and green tubs! (I got them from Target a few years ago) When students are finished with a paper they put it in the red tub (stop) and then if there is a paper in the green tub (go) they take the paper out and get started! The highlighter in the red tub is used by students to highlight their name so that they remember to write their name on their papers. As you can see I have my sign in sheets in the red tub and Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business first day of Kindergarten coloring sheet in the green tub. We will be doing both of these right away tomorrow to help us get used to this procedure.

And finally...

Mrs. Campbell (another fabulous k teacher) and I  made our 1st Day of Kindergarten frame for our 1st day pictures!! I know we are missing a few letters but Mrs. Campbell is picking them up tonight and will have them ready to go by tomorrow! I think it turned out cute :)

Well, that is all for now. I am heading to bed. I am happy that I can cross "blog post" off my long "to do" list! 

I would also like to say "Welcome" to all of my new Kindergarten Parents and Families who may be checking out our class blog for the first time! I hope this helps give you an idea what we are doing this year!! Please check back often :)


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